State Board Membership and Approved Fees

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform announced a new process for appointments to State Boards on 30th September 2014 , Press Release

This new process will be managed by the Public Appointments Service (PAS) and can be viewed on or at the following link 

Guidelines on Appointments to State Boards

All appointments to vacancies on State Boards will be dealt with through the PAS portal www.stateboard

In December 2016 the Minister approved new internal principles and procedures within the Department which work to complement the PAS process and allow him to make appointments with greater confidence in the ability of the selected person to contribute effectively to a State Board. 

These principles and procedures will be implemented by the Department for all appointments, following the completion of the PAS process. These procedures have been developed internally and address his concerns in making appointments within the Department within the context of the overall Board appointment process.

Department Principles and Procedures for State Boards

State Board Campaigns

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