eDay 19 September 2014

Cheque payments to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport from 19th September 2014

The National Payments Plan, launched in April 2013, seeks to reduce the cost of Ireland’s payment system through the increased use of more efficient payment methods which will lead to increased competitiveness and efficiency.  In this regard, 19 September 2014 has been designated ‘e-Day’. From this date the public sector will no longer issue cheques to business users or accept cheques from business users.  To facilitate this, the Department currently offers the option of electronic payment. e-Day relates to businesses rather than personal cheque usage.

For Customers/Suppliers of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, the contact details to make electronic payments are:

Maritime Marine Office – 01 6783481 or follow link here (http://www.dttas.ie/maritime/english/mso-fees)

Road Haulage Licencing - 091 872903 or follow link here (http://www.dttas.ie/roads/english/road-transport-operator-division)

Finance Division – 01 604 1532