Corporate Information

Structure of the Department

The Department is organised into seven Sectors which broadly reflect distinct functional units but there is also a substantial degree of co-operation and interaction between Sectors.  Each Sector is responsible for a High Level Goal as outlined below, further details are available in our Statement of Strategy 2016 - 2019

Our Mission Statement

As a central Government Department, serving the Government and the people of Ireland, our mission is to shape the safe and sustainable development of transport, tourism, and sport, to support economic growth and social progress. 

High Level Goals

  • Land Transport: to best serve the needs of society and the economy through safe, sustainable and competitive transport networks and services
  • Aviation: to maximise air transport connectivity with a safe, competitive, cost-effective and sustainable aviation sector
  • Maritime: to facilitate safe and sustainable maritime transport and the delivery of emergency management services.
  • Tourism: to support the tourism industry to grow in a sustainable way.
  • Sport: to contribute to a healthier and more active society by promoting sports participation and by supporting high performance and the provision of sport facilities.

Our corporate support services are key to the successful delivery of our goals.

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