Consultation on the Report of the Wise Persons Group (WPG) on the future of the Single European Sky (SES)



The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is seeking the views of interested parties on the attached Report of the Wise Persons Group (WPG) on the Future of the Single European Sky (SES).


This report essentially presents a road map to a more centralised European Air Traffic Management (ATM) network across EU airspace and represents significant changes for most, if not all stakeholders. As an important part of the process in formulating a final policy position on this Report the Department is seeking the comments and views of individuals and organisations who have an interest in the recommendations made in the Report. The Department wishes to ensure that the development of policy in relation to this particular matter reflects the views and concerns of all stakeholders including members of the Irish public, as well as those directly involved in the aviation sector.  Such feedback will assist in identifying the main issues involved and will contribute to the formulation of policy in this area.


Comprising Director Generals of Civil Aviation from a number of EU Member States and senior representatives from the full spectrum of EU and other relevant aviation related institutions, as well as the airline industry, the WPG was tasked by the European Commission to come up with recommendations to provide for additional ATM capacity across the European network to accommodate the on-going and forecasted growth in air traffic.


Guided by a high-level vision for 2035 which will endeavour to facilitate: “A customer-focused Single European Sky that meets future needs for aviation services and environmental goals. A safe, seamless, scalable and resilient aviation network will be delivered through digital air traffic management services for all airspace users (civil and military) and passengers.", the Group has made a number of recommendations based on four main areas which it is hoped will meet this vision in a flexible and scalable manner, while continuing to ensure the highest levels of safety, security and meeting the growing challenge of environmental concerns. These areas include:


  1. A network-centric approach,
  2. The implementation of the Digital European Sky (DES),
  3. The evolution of the role of personnel who deliver the ATM services, and
  4. The simplification of the regulatory framework.

With the necessary support over the coming months, the European Commission will progress these recommendations further, and it is in this vein that they will organise with the Finnish Presidency a High Level Conference on the future of SES on 12 September 2019. This conference will bring all relevant stakeholders together and offer an opportunity to develop common messages for the directions of the future of SES.


In preparation for this Conference, and in the interests of formulating a final policy position on the WPG Report’s recommendations, the Department invites all interested parties to submit their views on the Report’s findings by close of business on the 30th June 2019 to the following email address


Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.



Initial Publication Date: 
Thursday, 23 May 2019